The Big Cottage is a modern Californian bungalow with a strong Japanese influence in Christchurch, New Zealand, designed by Bob Burnett Architecture in 2021.


Owners Vickie and John took as their inspiration a 1909 Bungalow on Fendalton Road called Los Angeles House and Japanese Minka Houses to create “The Big Cottage”. The result is a modern reinterpretation of the Californian bungalow style but also with significant Japanese influence. The award-winning home incorporates timeless and enduring architecture, with the addition of the latest building technologies and techniques to create a comfortable, energy-efficient, sustainable home. The sloping stone and timber walls and a sweeping roofline ground the building. The floor plan is completely different to a bungalow. The Japanese influence to the planning is evident with no hallway. Spaces flow from one to another, eliminating passageways and avoiding waste space. Shoji sliding doors allow the space to be opened up or closed down depending on the desired usage from time to time.

Photography courtesy of Bob Burnett Architecture

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