Discover the Art of Design, a beautiful modern penthouse apartment located in central Israel.

Designed by Odelia Barzilay, this home perfectly blends cozy warmth with a clean, modern aesthetic. The open floor plan, filled with natural light and adorned with the client’s original artwork, creates an inviting and serene living space perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

About The Art of Design

Creating a Cozy Modern Sanctuary

This 60-something couple’s new home is a stunning example of a cozy, modern design, masterfully crafted by interior designer Odelia Barzilay. Collaborating closely with the clients, Barzilay created a well-balanced, meticulous, and artistic living space, perfect for the couple’s transition to a penthouse in central Israel after becoming empty nesters.

An Inviting and Calm Living Space

Barzilay focused on designing a clean, modern property with a light color scheme, providing a serene atmosphere for the couple to unwind and entertain. The home’s open layout, featuring natural oak fishbone parquet flooring, effortlessly connects the living room, dining area, and kitchen.

Transforming the Open Space

The entrance reveals a spacious open area that seamlessly integrates the living room, dining area, and kitchen. A plastered TV wall, fitted with a dark oak carpentry storage unit, anchors the living room. To enhance the room’s visual appeal, Barzilay incorporated a variety of seating options and coffee tables, creating a rich and creative dimension.

Artful Walls and Personal Touches

Custom-designed walls serve as the perfect backdrop for the client’s original artwork, with three impressive abstract pieces adorning the space. The fluidity and movement within each painting harmoniously blend with the home’s overall design and color scheme.

A Kitchen for Entertaining

Adjacent to the living room, the kitchen features distressed oak cabinets and a 3.5-meter-long (11.5 ft) island, perfect for a couple who loves to cook and entertain. Warm wood elements throughout the kitchen create a cohesive connection with other spaces in the property.

Spacious Dining and Cozy Reading Corner

The spacious formal dining area is designed to accommodate numerous guests, with a dark oak table and fabric chairs. A small, intimate reading corner nearby offers a comfortable space to unwind, featuring a leather armchair, black table, and matching lighting fixture.

Elegant Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom combines gray tiles, Vega plaster, and wood-like tiles to create a modern and clean space. A narrow Corian countertop with an embedded sink and blackened oak cabinet adds a touch of elegance.

Thoughtful Lighting and Finishing Touches

Carefully curated lighting fixtures and soft natural curtains contribute to the home’s cozy atmosphere. Barzilay emphasizes the importance of accessories in adding character and soul to a living space, creating a perfect, whole, and holistic environment for the couple to enjoy.

Photography by Einat Dekel

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