35 Best DIY Kitchen Decorating Projects

1. Upcycled Old Rake to Rustic Utensil Holder

Upcycled Old Rake to Rustic Utensil Holder

Talking of DIY, nothing can match the charm of old things transformed into something unique and purposeful. One such gorgeous example of upcyling is this Old Rake that has been re-purposed into a Utensil Holder with an interesting, rustic appearance. Plus, it’s a really easy to pull off DIY project, adding an amazing utility to your kitchen that can hold all those serving spoons, spatulas and utensils in place. All you need to do is attach an old rake to a painted wooden board, and screw some hooks to it.

DIY Details : thegraciouswife

2. Make a cool DIY Rope Sign

Make a cool DIY Rope Sign

If you like decorating your space with some reclaimed wood, you would love this chic and elegant idea of making a Cool DIY Rope Sign – perfect to adorn your interiors with, or to gift someone special, or simply use as a creative menu board. You can put the sign together in no more than ten minutes, without even reaching for any complicated tools. All you need is heavy twine or thin rope, reclaimed wood, pencil and paper to sketch, chalk, hot glue gun and glue sticks, cordless drill, and miter saw to get going with the project.

DIY Details : ebay

3. DIY Wine Rack

DIY Wine Rack

A regular wooden pallet without blocks, when separated from some of its frame boards, followed by staining it in a creative fashion can be used to build an absolutely stunning do-it-yourself Wine Rack, following just a handful of steps explained by The Kurtz Corner. The finished piece looks wonderful when holding some lovely wine bottles, while hanging those glasses in a wine glass holder attached at the bottom of the rack with utmost grace. matter what’s the theme of your decor, this one won’t fail to compliment it.

DIY Details : thekurtzcorner

4. DIY Menu Board

DIY Menu Board

Is there always a hassle around the house about the weekly meals and what all you need to bring from the grocery store to bring those meals to life? This DIY Menu Board will make that scheduling a lot more easier, thereby getting the tables dinner-ready with much less of the trouble. You can get some teak wood coasters for marking the weekday letters, a plywood, and a few frame pieces to start building your very own menu board – and paint the frame in your favorite color, while painting the board in chalkboard paint.

DIY Details : thesitsgirls

5. DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

If you are a die-hard coffee lover, you probably understand how annoying it gets when those huge, colorful coffee mugs are found all over the place. Here is something that can get them well-organized in a way that looks truly amazing at the same time. The DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder is just so easy to recreate and is all about a little clever use of those pallets and a few hooks, and of course, your creativity! Now, you can adore your collection even better, having them smarty hanging from your chic holder.

DIY Details : onelittlebirdblog

6. Home Improvements : Pallet Pot Rack

Home Improvements : Pallet Pot Rack

Put those discarded wooden pallets to great use – bringing about a super cool home improvement in your space with this Pallet Pot Rack. The supplies you need are some pallets, chicken wire, wire coat hangers, heavy chain, staples, toggle hook bolts with nuts, washers, and S-hooks, along with a few construction tools. This one can surely come handy for your kitchen organization, specially if you have got dozens of pallets, small and large, placed haphazardly in your kitchen drawers.

DIY Details : agreenpointkitchen

7. Kitchen Decorating – Wooden Spoon Display

Kitchen Decorating - Wooden Spoon Display

Those who love to integrate an element of glamour into almost everything that lies around their house would fall head over heels in love with this whimsical Wooden Spoon Display. And how you can get a fashion accessory like different nail paints to put that decorating together would make things even more amazing. Go for different patterns, great combinations of colors, introduce something tribal, or colorful or retro to your spoons – it’s all about letting your imagination come alive, inspired by this guide by Jader Bomb.

DIY Details : jaderbomb

8. DIY: Gold Painted Silverware Mason Jars

DIY: Gold Painted Silverware Mason Jars

Small kitchen spaces always call for a clever and innovative organization, while also keeping things pleasing for the eyes. And that’s just what these DIY Gold Painted Silverware Mason Jars would help you out with, holding all your silverware, spoons, forks and knives in some beautifully shining holders. You need to gather a few wide-mouthed mason jars and simply paint them in a glittery golden paint that compliments the shade of your silverware miraculously well. Gain an insight into how these jars look at the below guide.

DIY Details : cleverpinkpirate

9. Free Kitchen Printables

Free Kitchen Printables

Spruce up the looks of your entire kitchen with some bright and vibrant printable wall art that would look splendid while being framed and hanged to those plain and regular walls. Little Gold Pixel provides you a whole lot of Free Kitchen Printables that come in a variety of themes. Whether you love a union of black and white or all things coffee, whether you are an expert baker or simply love to eat – this one has you covered, offering you a complete collection of printable on each of these themes.

DIY Details : littlegoldpixel

10. Check the Label

Check the Label

Give your kitchen storage a complete makeover by organizing everything into a set of gorgeous SLOM jars, all labeled with creative Labels flaunting a dictionary pattern. The below guide by Door DIY not only takes you through the makeover idea, but also offers downloadable PDFs of the labels for working out your own food storage jars. Whether you store them in your lovely pantry, or simply let them sit on top of the slab, these labelled jars will only make things look appealing, while keeping it well-managed at the same time.

DIY Details : doordiy

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