Temporas, a boutique guesthouse in Cagliari, Italy, showcases the design prowess of Tramas. This 2023 project transforms an apartment into four unique rooms, each themed after a different season. Combining modern aesthetics with local traditions, it features distinctive color palettes, custom graphics, and elements like cork headboards and black metal furniture details.

Temporas stands as a testament to Tramas’s innovative blend of tradition and contemporary design.

About Temporas

Transforming Temporas: A Boutique Guesthouse

Tramas, a visionary designer, has transformed an apartment in Cagliari, Italy, into “Temporas,” a boutique guesthouse. The client’s dream was to turn their first-floor apartment into a welcoming space for guests. Initially, the apartment’s complex layout, dominated by a long corridor, seemed to limit significant changes. Yet, Tramas ingeniously optimized the space, creating four distinct rooms, each with a private bathroom.

Season-Inspired Design

Furthermore, Tramas themed the project around the four seasons, where each room represents a different season. This innovative concept is apparent in each room’s unique color scheme and custom graphics, echoing regional traditions. Therefore, every room offers a distinct visual experience, tailored to its seasonal theme.

Unified Elements in Design

Despite the varied themes, common elements unify the Temporas experience. These include a consistent graphic language, cork headboards, custom black metal furniture profiles, and bathroom tiles in four chromatic variations. These features blend seamlessly, reflecting a harmonious balance between modern design and regional character.

Photography by Cedric Dasesson

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