Taslimi Residence is a concrete two-story house located in Santa Monica, California, designed in 2014 by Fleetwood Fernandez Architects.


The design for this house imagines occupying the entire site, all of it considered living space, with rooms formed as much by the landscape as by the architecture. To that end, the house is designed as a linear sequence, multipurpose spaces unfolding with a feeling of progression. A cast in place, wood-formed concrete wall grounds every room on the south side, its permanence also challenged by the ever-changing light cast upon it by an oversized skylight. Other vertical planes are a combination of glass and ipe wood rainscreen, made of louvers that open like ripples in a curtain to control natural light. The 5,600 square feet house is Platinum certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Photography courtesy of Fleetwood Fernandez Architects

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