Immerse yourself in the vivid dreamscape of TAKO, the latest sushi restaurant and cocktail bar sensation in Rome’s edgy Ostiense district. Designed by the visionary Daniela Colli in 2023, TAKO is a tapestry of fantastical elements inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” where luck and creativity are as rich as the flavors served.

With an underground vibe, this area of Rome, once industrial, now buzzes with the energy of students and international tourists alike, all drawn to its unique culinary scene. TAKO stands out in this canvas of urban art and graffiti, offering a kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, and emotions that etch an indelible mark on the hearts of its guests.

Step into a space where magenta arches, sky blues, and reflective surfaces create a harmoniously provocative experience—a poetic rebellion rooted in Rome’s subterranean heartbeat.

About TAKO

Discover Tako: A Culinary Gem in Rome’s Heart

Nestled in Rome’s Ostiense district, Tako introduces a vibrant sushi and cocktail scene to an area once known for industry. This district, teeming with energetic students and intrigued international tourists, offers a unique, underground vibe unlike any other in Rome.

A Wonderland of Taste and Style

Opening in the auspicious year of the rabbit, Tako beckons with luck and creativity. It draws inspiration from the fantastical “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” presenting a dream woven in vivid hues. Amidst this backdrop, guests savor an extraordinary fusion of taste and artistry, creating a memorable journey beyond the ordinary.

In this playful domain, food and design converge, crafting an emotive, everlasting impression on all who visit. Tako embodies both glamour and whimsy, weaving a narrative that inspires guests to dream.

Step inside and the enchantment unfolds. The sushi bar, with its sweeping portholes and gleaming surfaces, bursts with a dynamic spectrum of colors. Customers find themselves enveloped by magenta arches and an array of blues, all amidst reflective surfaces that harmonize in a delightfully audacious ensemble, anchoring Tako firmly in its innovative, underground roots.

Photography by Matteo Piazza

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