1. Biophilic Design

After over a year of being shut inside, there has been — and will continue to be — a focus on regaining our connection to the natural world through the use of biophilic design principles, meaning there will be an emphasis on creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants and creating a visual connection with nature.

Source: Amanda Thompson

2. Greenery

Our love of plants will never die. Particularly in the spring, when in some climates it can still be too cold to bravely venture outdoors, bringing a little (or a lot!) of greenery can give you the warm weather comfort you crave. Selecting plants with pops of color will add vibrancy to any room. Try to pick plants that are easy to maintain or go with a faux plant for a maintenance-free route.

Source: Hannah Haston

3. Eye-Catching Couches

2022 gives you full permission to redefine the phrase “sitting pretty” with a colorful (and smile-inducing) sofa. After years of neutral sofas, I think we’re going to see people taking more risks with fabrics and colors. People are investing in their homes seriously these days by making sure they are decorated in a way that makes them feel good—so committing to patterns and colors people love instead of defaulting to neutrals to be ‘safe’ will be much more popular. This budding trend is all about making a statement, so don’t be afraid to embrace your bold streak. While your space and design taste guide your final decision, jewel-toned velvets, bold stripes, and whimsical florals are all modern-day favorites.


4. Traditional Details

In 2022, we are seeing traditional details making a big comeback. With so much change around the world over the past few years, it’s no surprise that more and more people are craving a sense of comfort, timelessness or even a bit of nostalgia in their homes. From pattern mixing, skirted or flanged furniture, and the incorporation of antique pieces, this new year is all about honoring our roots. And we couldn’t be happier about it!

Source:  Bria Hammel

5. Color, Texture, and Warmth

Sorry to say it, but gone are the days of the all-white kitchen. While images of it soothed our pandemic-rattled brains in the middle of 2020 and into 2021, this year is all about bringing an organic warmth to our spaces. Introducing the trend into a space through metal hardware and plumbing fixtures. We love the look of a matte bronze in the kitchen that gives depth while also suggesting warmth.

Source: Hannah Haston

6. Mindful Spaces

Next year will bring about a deeper awareness of our spaces and the impact they have on our emotions and wellbeing. We will see more spaces that have personality and personal ties to interests, hobbies and pleasures of its owner.

Source:  Marie Cloud

7. Having Fun in the Foyer

In many homes, the foyer is a forgotten space that doesn’t get the love it deserves. But in 2022, we’re changing things up. This is a room, but more importantly, it’s the first room people see when they come to your home. The foyer is going to be a major space of impact in the home this year. Don’t be afraid to make it amazing! Try incorporating sentimental or vintage items that bring personality to your space. Referring to the project above the vintage mirror, paired with a few favorite books and baskets, creates a styled but welcome vibe.

Source: Lauren Pressey

8. A Return to Tradition

Expect English roll arm sofas, wingbacks, simple dining tables based on antique styles and pieces with detail and some history. For materials, we’re going to see a lot more natural materials become popular again. Marble, real wood, linens, mohair — things that feel more organic and nice to the touch.

Source: Erin Gates

9. Sustainability = Sexy

With global warming being a major concern for most, we’re seeing a shift in people prioritizing sustainable living practices and products. Consciously designed and responsibly manufactured products are going to be at the forefront of every home. From building materials to furniture, consumers are looking to adopt more innovative products that are designed from the start with sustainability in mind.

Source: Hannah Zahner

10. Curved Furnishings

Furnishings of white oak with curves bring a fresh and soft wavy feeling. From curved corners within walls and cabinets to curved backs of sofas, dining chairs and arched cabinets, the angular line of furnishing is softening.

Source:  Michelle Harrison-McAllister

11. American-Made Design

Supply chains have continued to be disrupted by the ongoing pandemic. While we’re thankfully past the season of companies sending out an onslaught of “shop early!” emails, getting anything shipped on time is no longer a given. Solution: Moving toward a more localized economy. We anticipate an uptick in American-made design and domestic manufacturers. Consumers have a heightened awareness of not only where their products are being made, but how they’re being made. They want to support companies that positively impact their community and their planet. Two-day Prime shipping? Don’t need it.

Source: Danielle Sabol

12. Lasting Style

The trend for 2022 is a return to lasting style. We are seeing the effects of our ‘buy it and throw it away’ consumerism on our planet, and I think people will realize that developing a personal, lasting style is not only beautiful and unique, but good for the environment as well.

Source:  Kate Patterson

13. Bold Colors for Both Ceilings and Walls

Time to paint outside the self-imposed lines. While organic, nature-inspired colors will be covering our walls, bold hues are definitely back. Spring is the perfect time to awaken your space with a little energy-giving splash of paint. Painting the walls and ceiling the same bold color is such a dynamic trend for the spring! It will give the space more of a high-design hospitality vibe rather than your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter home aesthetic. Paint it all and wait a few weeks to let the change really set in. Give yourself the time to become fully accustomed and comfortable with your big change. High-impact, indeed.

Source: Nick Glimenakis

14. Colorful Window Treatments

In 2022, we’re going to see a lot of color and patterns, especially within window treatments. They play a key role within design because they are the jewelry of the room and can really make an impact. Whether it be drapery, shades or sheers, patterns with a burst of two to three colors will play a strong role in design next year.

Source:  Martyn Lawrence Bullard

15. Landscape Art

That’s right, it’s no longer just for hanging in museums. Landscape art is finding its way into countless residences across the country. Add a small to mid-sized piece of landscape art to any bookshelf, nook, or kitchen counter to immediately add a little spirit to your room. If you’re not looking to shell out major $$ for an original piece, hanging up a print will achieve the same impact.

Source: Kate Zimmerman Turpin

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