Embark on a virtual tour of Studio Cays X Studio BO, a striking testament to minimalist design located in the vibrant heart of Casablanca, Morocco. This architectural studio embodies a clean and unclad ethos, with walls nearly entirely enrobed in tiles and floors finished with light-reflective epoxy.

Designed in 2022 by Studio Cays, the space is an ode to the collaborative spirit, featuring a central bench that unites the team in creativity and daily innovation.

This office isn’t just a workplace; it’s a canvas of simplicity that echoes Casablanca’s modern pulse.

About Studio Cays X Studio BO

Refined Simplicity in Morocco

Studio Cays has unveiled its latest creation in Casablanca, Morocco—a haven of minimalist design. The studio encapsulates purity, with walls extensively tiled and floors gleaming with epoxy, crafting an ambiance both airy and grounded.

Fostering Collaboration with Style

At the heart of the agency’s open space stands a central bench, a deliberate addition designed to unite the team in daily brainstorming sessions. This architectural studio doesn’t just offer a place to work; it inspires creativity and cohesion in a setting defined by its understated elegance.

Through thoughtful design choices, Studio Cays X Studio BO emerges as more than an office—it’s a modern retreat that stimulates innovation while reflecting the contemporary spirit of Casablanca.

Photography courtesy of Studio CAYS

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