Immerse yourself in the innovative design of the Stadele Rooms, a hotel that merges minimalist exteriors with a sensory-rich interior in the heart of Lana, Italy. Designed in 2021 by the visionary Tara, this contemporary gem is ingeniously nestled in a compact space, carving out a tranquil sanctuary between the historic Stadele Restaurant and a private residence.

With an exterior stripped of ornamentation, the structure declares its presence through a façade of velvet-hard concrete, while the interiors tell a different tale—one of vibrant colors and thematic elements inspired by eight unique spices. Imagine slumbering surrounded by the warmth of ginger or unwinding in the essence of juniper—Stadele Rooms offers an escape not just to a place, but to a sensation.

About Stadele Rooms

Unveiling “Stadele Rooms”: A Modern Niche in Lana

“Stadele Rooms” emerge as a contemporary gem, deftly positioned between the esteemed Stadele Restaurant and the owner’s residence in picturesque Lana. Here, the new structure seamlessly interlocks with its environment, akin to a perfectly placed puzzle piece in a bustling village tapestry.

Stripping away the superfluous, the building presents itself as a sleek concrete monolith. As a result, balconies etch the facade, ascending the structure like modern sculptures against the smooth, tactile exterior.

A Sensorial Journey Inside

Step inside, and a stark contrast awaits: a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors, materials, and images blossoms. Inspired by the adjacent restaurant, each room takes cues from one of eight spices, transforming ordinary spaces into immersive sensory experiences. Consequently, guests indulge in the unique luxury of slumber in a ginger-infused haven, showers under a star anise cascade, and relaxation amidst a juniper vibe.

Moreover, the hotel lobby gathers these diverse elements, crafting an enchanting ensemble akin to an oriental bazaar. Ultimately, “Stadele Rooms” is a sensory delight that artfully fuses contemporary flair with the aromatic warmth of spices.

Photography by David Schreyer

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