Take a journey with us to Sonoma Wine Country 1, a contemporary-style retreat designed in 2021 by Feldman Architecture located in Sonoma, California.

This one-bedroom escape has been cleverly transformed into an idyllic family home, complete with an updated primary suite, modern kitchen, yoga and Pilates studio, and a great room with expansive views of the valley floor and distant hills.

Step outdoors to take in the beauty of the area with a poolside patio, terrace, and fire pit, all offering comfortable outdoor living. With dark-stained cedar siding, softly glowing plaster walls, and low stone landscape walls, Sonoma Wine Country 1 is the perfect place to experience the beauty of Sonoma County.

About Sonoma Wine Country 1

Discover the Transformation of Sonoma Wine Country 1

At Sonoma Wine Country 1, the second phase of design was an effort to transform a one-bedroom retreat into a dynamic escape for a growing family. The original design included a compact kitchen, primary bedroom, and guest house perched atop a hill overlooking Healdsburg. An updated, secluded primary suite was added to the home’s private wing, offering expansive views of the valley floor and distant hills. The new kitchen was designed for both entertaining and family meals, and it spills out onto an outdoor living area, dining area, and pool. Additionally, a detached structure housing a yoga and Pilates studio, as well as a media center, was built in a wooded grove close by.

An Immersive Outdoor Pavilion

The home’s public wing runs along the ridge of the hill and houses a great room with lofty ceilings and a simple shed overhanging roof. Four oversized counterweight glass doors open dramatically on each side, transforming the space into an outdoor pavilion. Its flush concrete floors extend into a poolside patio to the west and a terrace and fire pit to the east, offering comfortable outdoor living in both hot and cool weather. With the oversized doors drawn, the site offers one sweeping, continuous view from the pool through the great room, down into the distant town below. Subtle architectural detailing in the space adds both refinement and functionality – sound absorbing perforated panel ceilings and discrete stone strips across the floor visually delineate zones without physical barriers.

Subtle Refinement & Functionality

The exterior of Sonoma Wine Country 1 is composed of dark-stained cedar siding, softly glowing plaster walls, and low stone landscape walls that anchor the building. This updated and thoughtful response to the site and the client’s changing needs offers a beautiful, functional retreat.

Photography by Adam Rouse

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