This duplex apartment located in Matadepera, Spain is a perfect example of slow living philosophy in design. Miriam Barrio Studio created this project with a minimalist style and wood as the main protagonist. The rest of the elements of the home remain discreet and provide a balanced interior.

Slow living is all about enjoying the small details and what really matters, and this duplex located in the beautiful Catalonia is an amazing representation of that idea.

About Slow Living

Designing for Slow Living: A Philosophy of Embracing Small Details

If you are someone who values the beauty of the small details in life and cherishes what truly matters, then you will love this house. It was designed with the philosophy of slow living in mind – a way of life that emphasizes taking your time to enjoy the present moment.

Embracing the Real and the Natural: Wood Takes the Center Stage

At the core of the design is a focus on the real and the natural. These elements serve as the engine that drives everything that happens both inside and outside the house. Wood, in particular, takes the center stage as the total protagonist of the project. It shapes the spaces and paths, creating a sense of warmth and comfort that is hard to find elsewhere.

Discreet Coexistence: The Art of Finding Balance

While wood is undoubtedly the star of the show, the other elements of the house coexist discreetly, providing the necessary balance. Nothing is missing, and nothing is superfluous. The result is a space that feels complete and harmonious, without any unnecessary distractions.

Come Slow Down in This Beautiful Home

This house was designed for those who appreciate the art of slow living. It’s a space that allows you to take your time, enjoy the small details, and connect with the real and the natural. So come on in, take a deep breath, and slow down in this beautiful home.

Photography courtesy of Miriam Barrio Studio

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