Discover the Skyline Metropolitano, an impressive 400-square-meter (4,305-square-feet) contemporary-style apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed by the renowned Pelizzari Studio in 2022.

This beautiful property is located in Milan, the city known for its fashion and unique architecture, such as the iconic Duomo and the modern CityLife buildings. With its clear design, the apartment incorporates a collection of notable contemporary art pieces and offers optimal spaces, such as dressing rooms, a gymnasium and a master bedroom with an elegant bathroom. Uncover the beauty of the Skyline Metropolitano and experience Milan’s unique charm.

About Skyline Metropolitano

Revisiting the 400-Square-Meter Space: Pelizzari Studio’s Refined Design

It’s as if the gothic spires of the Duomo and the buildings of CityLife rise from the gray horizon and look in through the glass windows. When designing, Pelizzari Studio kept the idea of giving the space a sense of clarity to better emphasize the pieces being designed.

An Extensive Collection of Contemporary Art

The project included an extensive collection of notable contemporary art pieces. When revamping the 400-square-meter (437.5 square yards) space, the focus was on the works and their inclusion in a familiar context with all the requirements that come with it.

Optimal Spaces Crafted from the Original Floor Plans

The reinterpretation of the original floor plans enabled Pelizzari Studio to create optimal spaces, such as dressing rooms designed for the hosts, a sizeable gymnasium, and a master bedroom with its own hedonistic bathroom hidden behind a gray slatted wood paneling.

Photography courtesy of Pelizzari Studio

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