Discover SkyGarden House, a PHSA – Pham Huu Son Architects masterpiece in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Perfectly situated on a 100 square meter (1076 square feet) plot, this modern, green home is a marvel of space maximization and sustainable design.

With its luxurious yet minimalist interiors and innovative use of glass and greenery, SkyGarden House offers an eco-friendly urban living experience, setting a new standard for energy-efficient and environmentally conscious architecture in 2023.

Modern building with a rooftop garden and people interacting below.
Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and minimalist furniture.
Modern living room with dining area and sliding doors leading to a garden.
Modern kitchen interior with skylight and minimalist cabinets.
Modern bedroom with large windows, white bedding, and a view of greenery.
Modern bedroom with large window and garden view.
Modern bedroom with large bed, floor-to-ceiling windows, and garden view.
Modern bedroom with attached bathroom, large windows, and minimalist decor.
Modern bedroom with reflective wardrobes and central bathtub surrounded by indoor plants.
Modern bathroom with stone walls, green plants, and a freestanding tub.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, wood-paneled walls, and sk
Modern hallway with geometric ceiling and glass balustrades overlooking a garden.
Modern terrace with white pergola, lush greenery, and mountain view.
Modern urban house with green balconies and cityscape background.
Modern white building with geometric windows and plants.
Narrow vertical house with multiple balconies over a water feature.
Modern two-story house with large windows overlooking a narrow pool.
Modern multi-level home with large windows, pool, and sleek design.

About SkyGarden House

Innovative Design in Compact Spaces

Vietnam’s urban expansion challenges architects to design functional homes on limited land. SkyGarden House, a Nha Trang City townhouse, exemplifies this challenge. Built on a non-square 100 square meter (1076 square feet) plot, it redefines architectural ingenuity.

Maximizing Space with Style

SkyGarden House ingeniously integrates a living room, kitchen, and bedroom on the ground floor. The second floor houses two more bedrooms, and the master bedroom occupies the third floor. A central staircase and open void connect these spaces, enhancing flow and light.

Moreover, the house’s design skillfully naturalizes the living area. Large glass panels and a skylight above the staircase introduce natural light. Consequently, this reduces artificial lighting reliance, cuts energy use, and crafts a lively light play, intimately connecting the indoors with nature.

Harmony with Nature: A Green Sanctuary

Greenery strategically surrounds the bedrooms and sanitary areas, echoing green gardens. This not only improves air quality and reduces external dust but also offers refreshing indoor views.

The master bedroom, located on the top floor, unfolds into a lush, garden-like paradise. This space transforms into a unique, serene retreat, merging the indoors with the outdoor garden seamlessly through large glass walls. This design choice fosters a boundless openness, enhancing comfort and nature connectivity.

Addressing glass’s heat-absorption challenge, the architects innovated by layering the glass with air gaps. This design allows

air circulation, efficiently releasing internal heat while cooling the interior, ensuring optimal ventilation.

SkyGarden House’s exterior features a unique, simple design with extended green areas. Trees strategically placed around the ground floor ensure privacy and create serene views from inside. The surrounding pool near the living room not only beautifies the space but also cools it on hot days.

Inside, the house boasts a minimalist style with warm tones, creating a cozy, luxurious atmosphere. Reflective glass enhances aesthetics and expands the view, promoting openness and outside connection.

In summary, SkyGarden House stands as an icon of green architecture and luxurious living in Vietnam’s urban landscape. Its innovative design, space maximization, and eco-friendly features make it an exemplar of modern, sustainable living.

Photography by Hiroyuki Oki

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