Segreta is a two-story luxury residence located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, designed in 2021 by Etereo Design.


A- Villa is a reflection of the most in-demand interior style in the Gulf region. We have designed this villa after years of experience in high-end residential interiors. We consider this a synergetic combination of the middle eastern and Italian style. This project is a true reflection of our approach to residential designs in Dubai, which brought us a lot of attention and clients. The sparkly chandeliers, Italian marble and natural wood floors speak for themselves. An opulent interior design that we have mastered.

We believe in the beauty of nature, we let our architecture talk the native language of all the materials we use. In Gioia we used thermo-treated oak for the kitchen columns and Laminam tile in one unique piece for the island, for the tap, we have relied on the elegance of Gessi.

Contrasting rough finishes with smooth surfaces within a warm color palette to create a sensational feeling in the project. This is how moves our constant materials research.

From a dream to reality for a client who wanted a serene space, where natural elements are synergized with contemporary architecture that develops in one unique floor.

Photography courtesy of Etereo Design

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