Immerse yourself in the captivating Sea Breeze, a modern seafront apartment in Italy designed by Ernesto Fusco.

This sun-soaked haven, with its striking white interiors and seamless blend of open and intimate spaces, offers the perfect retreat to enjoy mesmerizing sea views.

About Sea Breeze

Illuminating Seaside Apartment Design

The project’s concept focuses on creating a white container projecting towards the sea, amplifying the natural light in the environment. It plays with volumes and heights, alternating between empty and full spaces.

A Spacious, Multilevel Layout

This 1,291 sq ft (120 sqm) apartment features a main floor, central mezzanine area, and an equally large roof terrace. The all-white living space greets you upon entering, boasting a stunning sea view. A large bright red lamp and an expansive bookcase covering the wall take center stage in this area.

Mezzanine Balcony and Unique Features

A custom-designed iron, glass, and resin staircase leads to the mezzanine balcony, which overlooks the living room. The balcony houses a study corner with a desk integrated into the structure and a unique “music cube.” This soundproof glass box allows the owner to play sax while enjoying the panoramic view.

Dining Area and Bedrooms

The dining area features a clean, minimalist white table and aluminum and black leather chairs. Ring suspensions provide lighting for the table, matching the height of the plasterboard and glass overhang containing the master bedroom. The dining area offers a glimpse of the kitchen, small terrace, laundry room, living area bathroom, guest bedroom, and children’s room with an en-suite bathroom.

All-White Kitchen with a View

Situated outside the main structure, the all-white kitchen emphasizes the beautiful view of the small terrace and the sea. The studio custom-designed the space.

Master Bedroom with a Sea View

The mezzanine houses the master bedroom, with the bed placed centrally and facing the protruding glass window overlooking the sea. A closet running along the entire walls conceals a private bathroom.

Photography courtesy of Ernesto Fusco

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