Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance at SBT, a stunning 18th-century country mansion reimagined by Plus Ultra Studio into a luxurious boutique hotel in Marche, Italy.

Retaining its original pathways and transforming its entrance portico into a winter garden, SBT harmoniously integrates modern design with its pastoral roots. Each suite uniquely designed, SBT offers a serene retreat, balancing contemporary flair with the warmth of a country estate. The hotel’s heart, a grand central salon, preserves its convivial spirit, inviting guests to share and connect.

Discover this exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, where country charm meets refined sophistication.

Modern living room with archways, beige sofa, and wooden ceiling beams.
Elegant living room with arched windows, chic furniture, and modern decor.
Modern living room with elegant sofa, round poufs, and abstract art.
Elegant modern lobby with terrazzo flooring, green half-wall, and minimalist decor
Modern bedroom with patterned floor, oval bathtub, and arched ceiling.
Elegant bedroom interior with a large bed, patterned rug, and fireplace.
Modern bathroom with marble bathtub and patterned floor tiles.
Modern bathroom with green vanity, decorative mirrors, and patterned floor.
Modern bedroom interior with canopy bed and elegant decor.
Modern dining area with arched doorway and elegant pendant lights.

About SBT

Reviving History: The SBT Project

The SBT project, set in the heart of an Italian agricultural estate, transforms an 18th-century country manor into a long-stay boutique hotel.

A Blend of Old and New

Preserving original access pathways, the project turns the entrance portico into a winter garden overlooking a vast northern lawn, now the reception area. Additionally, a grand salon centralizes the hotel, flanked by two suites on each side, facing east and west. Furthermore, the second floor houses a series of junior suites with garden views.

Innovative Suite Design

Each suite boasts a unique interior design, complete with private relaxation and reading areas. Importantly, the central salon, once a social hub, retains its communal role for guests.

Elegant Interiors

The space exudes sophistication and opulence characteristic of a noble estate, skillfully merged with contemporary materials and designs. This includes stucco decorations and ceiling shapes, while terracotta floors and fabric choices maintain a homely, welcoming vibe.

Expansive Outdoor Amenities

The lower level opens to a spacious breakfast/cafe area, adjoining a covered portico with an ancient well, ideal for summer relaxation. The property also features outdoor spaces designed for summer hospitality, including a converted greenhouse into a cafe/lounge bar and a terrace pool with an adjacent annex.

Photography by PLUS ULTRA studio, TOPLAB

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