Welcome to the Sasaki Spine Clinic in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by UID Architects and completely renovated in 2019. This modern wooden-style clinic is located in the historical city of Hiroshima and is sure to leave you impressed.

The design of the Sasaki Spine Clinic includes layering walls that create an interconnected and expansive space, while also sustaining a relationship with the medical programs in the entire facility. Combining modern and wood-style designs, the Sasaki Spine Clinic is the perfect example of innovation and beauty.

About Sasaki Spine Clinic

Located in Hiroshima, Japan, the Sasaki Spine Clinic was redesigned in 2019 by UID Architects. The aim of the redesign was to create a modern wooden aesthetic that would give patients tranquility and comfort during their visit. To achieve this, UID Architects used layering walls to make an interconnected and expansive space that creates sustainable relationships with medical programs throughout the clinic.

Modern Wooden Aesthetic for Tranquility

The exterior of the Sasaki Spine Clinic is characterized by its cuboid shape with glazed surfaces, standing out amongst nearby buildings. Inside, rich wood textures bring warmth to the space, providing a sense of luxury for visitors. There are plenty of comfortable seating areas in natural light filled spaces, helping patients to feel at ease before and after their procedure.

Energy-Efficient Technologies for Sustainability

LED lighting has been installed throughout the building, while LED monitors have replaced traditional paper posters on display boards inside the clinic. These measures help reduce energy consumption significantly over time, while still providing all necessary information required by patients during their visits. In addition, high-performance insulation materials were used between floors and ceilings to better prevent heat loss from external sources, creating a more comfortable interior climate.

Sasaki Spine Clinic: a Unique Design Experience in Hiroshima

The Sasaki Spine Clinic offers a unique design experience located in one of Japan’s most iconic cities – Hiroshima! With its modern wooden aesthetics coupled with efficient energy-saving technologies such as LED lighting and monitors, it provides an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that is also environmentally friendly for both patients and staff, making it perfect for those looking for cosmetic procedures or treatments.

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