S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau, a stunning house located on the hillside of Tuan Chau Island, near Hạ Long, Vietnam, is the latest project of Idee Architects Vietnam.

This 500 square-meter house, designed in 2020, offers an incredible view of the beautiful Ha Long Bay, one of the wonders of Vietnam. With a 270-degree view, an infinity swimming pool, and six bedrooms all with a nice view to the sea, this is a house you will never forget.

About S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau

Revisiting S-Hill Villa: A Spectacular View of Ha Long Bay

Nestled on the hillside of Tuan Chau Island near the marina, S-Hill Villa boasts a remarkable 500 square meter area (5,382 square feet) with a width of 20 meters (65 feet) and a breathtaking 270 degree view of Ha Long Bay, one of the most beautiful wonders of Vietnam.

A Sloping Entrance to the Sea

The approachable direction from the villa’s front is at the highest point, sloping towards the sea. This area is characterized by rocky hills, low bushes, and gravel, distinct from the foothill area with its larger trees. The villa offers a wide open space with an infinity swimming pool, and six bedrooms, all with wonderful views of the sea.

A Striking Design From Above

From the top, the house looks like a range of four stacked blocks. These spaces between the blocks can be separated, connected, or combined together, allowing for them to be closed or opened to enjoy the landscape and outside view.

Instead of designing the house blocks to go across the land, the architect presents an empty space throughout the entrance to the swimming pool. This provides a wonderful experience with an infinity view spanning more than 180 degrees across the swimming pool, and a stunning view of Ha Long Bay from the large platform lifted higher than its surroundings. The public space block is connected parallel to this large courtyard, and the large door system can be fully opened towards the swimming pool, merging the inside and outside spaces, making the entire first floor feel like one gigantic outdoor veranda.

Awe-Inspiring Master Bedrooms

The master bedrooms are stacked on the public block and connected to the staircase block, offering the perfect view to overlook the entire space from the house to the sea. From the outside, this block looks like a heavy slate arranged above the entrance space. The staircase block is hollow on both ends, allowing for a delightful journey with spectacular views on both sides while the other side is denser, creating a cylinder to support the whole house. From the foothills, one can appreciate the strong presence of this shape, resembling a large stone block embedded in the land.

The foundation of the building was built with local stone, allowing the house to harmonize with its vegetational cover and the surrounding gravel. The vegetational cover was chosen to match the original landscape.

A View of the Sky and Sea

The infinity pool is located on a platform higher than the block below, providing swimmers with a direct view of the sky and sea. 

Photography courtesy of S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau

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