Residência STS is a contemporary condo located in Paraná, Brazil, designed in 2021 by SCK | Schuchovski Arquitetura.


The STS residence was designed for a couple who wanted an integrated home, which proved to be a great challenge in face of the original plan, full of levels and isolated environments. Located inside a condominium of townhouses with standardized facades in a classic style, in the São Lourenço neighborhood, in Curitiba, another challenging point was to reflect the personality of the customers, who, unlike the condominium, have a contemporary style and a taste for industrial architecture. In this way, the 220 m2 house presents itself as an unique and personalized home, where the changes in plan and layout proposed by Schuchovski Arquitetura sought to enhance the space and print the style and personality of the customers.

Photography by Eduardo Macarios

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