Welcome to an exclusive look into the RE Apartment, an embodiment of functional minimalism set in the heart of Minsk, Belarus. Designed by the renowned ZROBIM architects in 2023, this apartment is a sanctuary of tranquility and elegant simplicity for the weekend wanderer.

With an interior reflecting the sleek lines of an expensive car, an alluring corner fireplace as the centerpiece, and handcrafted levitating furniture, every element coalesces into a serene oasis. From the convenience of the compact shower room to the decadence of a freestanding tub for relaxation, this apartment is meticulously curated to match the tempo of its owner’s lifestyle.

About RE Apartment

Unraveling the Design Philosophy

The RE APARTMENT interior embodies functionality, minimalism, and architectural finesse. Crafted for a client who hits the road all week, it serves as a serene weekend retreat. The owner equates it with a high-end car, their preferred mode of transport after an intense workweek.

Stepping Inside: The Welcoming Hearth

A remarkable feature greeting visitors is the large corner fireplace. Strategically designed to be the centerpiece from the hall, dining room, and living area, it imparts a distinct character. Clad in gray porcelain stoneware, a warm honey-hued veneer balances its austerity, adding a touch of coziness.

Custom Craftsmanship: Furniture and Fixtures

Every piece of furniture, including the dining table, kitchen units, and bed, is custom-made based on the designers’ sketches. The owner’s penchant for elegant details and the illusion of levitation translates into a glass-rich interior. Notably, the bedroom features a low-lying bed, evoking a floating impression, subtly adorned with Japanese undertones.

Bathrooms: More Than Just Utility Spaces

In contrast to traditional design, we allocated the bathrooms based on function, not rank. One is a compact, swift morning shower unit near the entrance. The other is a spacious relaxation zone, boasting a large freestanding tub (equivalent to its imperial size enclosed in parentheses) for unwinding after a day’s work.

Perfectly Tailored: A Residence Reflecting its Owner

This interior lacks extraneous elements. Instead, every detail enhances the owner’s lifestyle and personality, creating a finely-tuned environment tailored specifically for him.

Photography courtesy of ZROBIM architects

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