Punta Mayia in Brisas de Zicatela, Mexico, designed by Garquiteg, is a 2022 marvel that redefines beachside living. This collection of beach apartments captures the essence of traditional Mediterranean architecture, infused with local charm.

A stone’s throw from the surf and sand, Punta Mayia offers a serene escape with its sun-drenched terraces and Mykonos-inspired design, providing an exclusive experience for both local and international travelers.

About Punta Mayia

Punta Mayia: A New Wave in Coastal Living

Punta Mayia rises in Zicatela, Oaxaca, a city renowned for its surf, cuisine, and bohemian charm. With 45,000 residents, this city has become a fast-growing vacation hotspot, both nationally and internationally.

Strategic Design Meets Tourist Demand

Located just a 10-minute walk from the beach, Punta Mayia was meticulously designed to cater to the robust vacation market. This residence, nestled on a rectangular plot, boasts close proximity to both the beach and local businesses, positioning it as a premier lodging choice.

Moreover, the challenge lay in the lack of rental properties that offered engaging common areas. Punta Mayia rose to this challenge, aiming to attract tourists aged 20 to 45 with a segmented, immersive experience. The residence was designed specifically for Airbnb, focusing on economic utility and public areas as key features. This approach not only elevates guest experiences but also sets a new standard for the area.

Architectural Harmony and Innovation

The project unfolds across three main rectangular volumes, each housing two rooms across two floors. It comprises six rooms, each with a bathroom and a terrace kitchenette, creating a sculptural effect on the architecture. Additionally, the property includes a machine room, storage, a central terrace, a commercial space, and a two-vehicle garage. The commercial area, designed for selling local crafts, and the central terrace serve as the residence’s social nucleus.

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, specifically Greek cities like Mykonos and Santorini, the design promotes an active beach vibe. It also incorporates elements of the area’s traditional architecture, with private spaces arranged around communal areas.

Materials and finishes were chosen for durability and ease of maintenance. White cement, highlighted on façades and complemented by sand-toned natural stones, helps mitigate heat. Contrasting hues come from Macuil wood and coconut bone in the roofs, wicker light fixtures, and sky blue doors and windows. An outdoor mosaic shower adds a distinctive visual touch.

Inside, white cement and sky blue details maintain the beachy feel, with custom furniture and finishes reinforcing the Mediterranean style. A rescued neighboring tree, incorporated through a south-side wall perforation, brings nature directly into one of the rooms.

Punta Mayia stands out for its design, style, and functionality, offering a unique architectural solution that blends traditional Mediterranean and local styles, promoting relaxation and enjoyment for its guests. This project has become a benchmark for the region, catering to the high tourist demand.

Photography courtesy of GARQUITEG


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