In the tranquil pre-Pyrenees of Lladurs, Spain, lies the Puigpinós Japanese Hotel, a unique retreat where tradition meets tranquility. Designer Kaoru Fujii has masterfully transformed a masia, a classic Catalan rural homestead from 1131, blending the minimalist elegance of Japanese design with the rich cultural tapestry of Catalonia.

This architectural gem offers eight distinct rooms, each a serene haven of Japanese-inspired decor, promising a disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests can indulge in the fusion of flavors at the hotel’s restaurant, where Japanese cuisine is reimagined with the finest Catalonian ingredients. Beyond its walls, the hotel emerges as a sanctuary nestled in nature, offering a suite of activities for relaxation and connection to the picturesque Solsonés region.

About Puigpinós Japanese Hotel

Nestled in the scenic pre-Pyrenees, the Puigpinós Japanese Hotel seamlessly merges time-honored Catalan architecture with Japanese elegance. Constructed in 1131, this masia offers a stay where tradition meets tranquility, promising an escape from the everyday.

Harmonizing Heritage

In this hotel, robust Catalan stone meets the refined minimalism of Japanese style. Furthermore, it creates a unique cultural tapestry that captivates the senses.

Tranquil Spaces

Each of the eight individually crafted rooms provides a peaceful retreat. Moreover, delicate Japanese touches in the decor ensure relaxation is never more than a moment away.

Gastronomic Journey

The restaurant serves up authentic Japanese flavors, skillfully prepared with Catalonia’s freshest produce. Additionally, from breakfast to dinner, each meal becomes an invitation to savor and indulge.

Connecting with Nature

Surrounded by the great outdoors, the hotel stands as a haven for hiking, cycling, yoga, and forest strolls. Also, engaging activities are offered to bring guests closer to the region’s essence.

Photography courtesy Kobfuji Architects

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