In the breathtaking landscape of Angra dos Reis, Brazil, known for its idyllic coastlines and lush greenery, lies the Production Duplex Apartment. Freshly crafted in 2023 by Inside Architects, this two-level duplex fuses geometric elegance with dual-purpose functionality. Seamlessly transitioning between a production studio and home, its design boasts clean lines and imaginative features, highlighted by a contrasting wooden ceiling.

About Production Duplex Apartment

A Dual-Purpose Transformation: From Apartment to Studio and Back

Until recently, this Vironas duplex remained a spacious two-level unit, seldom occupied. However, the owner had a vision. They wanted it transformed both functionally and aesthetically. The goal? A seamless blend of a production studio and a residence. Furthermore, the challenge lay in crafting a new persona that seamlessly marries the concepts of “home” and “production hub.”

Embracing Architectural Simplicity

The core design drew inspiration from architectural simplicity. Clean, geometric lines took center stage, underpinned by imaginative yet functional structures. Remarkably, self-construction served as the binding motif. Additionally, color choices, distinctive materials, and meticulous attention to detail played pivotal roles. Interestingly, the preserved wooden ceiling stands in stark contrast to the home’s other design elements, adding depth to the overall concept.

Lighting: The Game-Changer

Coupled with these design elements, indirect artificial lighting establishes a dynamic ambiance. It effortlessly facilitates the transition between a bustling production studio and a cozy living space, and vice versa.

Photography by Michail Damaskos

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