PRN’s Apartement is a luxury home located in Montpellier, France, redesigned in 2019 by Brengues Le Pavec Architects.


The agency had the opportunity to renovate an apartment in a symbolic building in Montpellier. Transformed into a luxury residence in the 2000s, the former Saint-Charles Hospital has the benefits of offering beautiful spaces and high ceilings that can accommodate mezzanine floors. Some apartments also have generous terraces with breathtaking views of St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Peyrou promenade.

A more contemporary and warm spirit is to be proposed instead. White dominates so as to affirm a feeling of light. In contrast, the kitchen and storage elements in the walk-through areas are black and allow a more comfortable feel. A herringbone parquet brings warmth to the whole and emphasises the sober but chic spirit of the apartment. A rope mesh stretched in a random manner acts as guardrail for the mezzanine floor and contributes to the identity of the apartment. Finally, in an offbeat spirit, an industrial-type lighting suspension gives a trendy aspect to the space.

Photography courtesy of Brengues Le Pavec Architects

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