Penthouse I is a green contemporary apartment designed by Piertito Cardillo Studio in Barletta, Italy.

Located in the historical center of Puglia, this innovative space combines sophisticated design, handcrafted materials, and abundant natural light. With a focus on functionality and comfort, each room features bespoke furnishings and unique design elements tailored specifically for the client.

Embrace the beauty of Italian living with this luxurious, eco-friendly retreat.

About Penthouse I

Reviving Puglia’s Rich History: A Sophisticated Penthouse Design

Situated in the heart of Puglia, a region once known as the site of the Battle of Canne, this project aims to blend a sophisticated and characteristic style with handcrafted raw materials and natural daylight. The garden nestled within the relaxation area adds a touch of serenity to the space.

Versatile and Welcoming: Penthouse I’s Multifunctional Space

Penthouse I offers a modular and multifunctional space without sacrificing the cozy, “at-home” feeling. A striking contrast emerges between the dark elements and the light floor, giving the project a unique touch.

A Kitchen Crafted for Modern Living

The kitchen boasts an island made of metal, stone, and wood, as well as a sleek system of ghost doors that conceal the pantry area. Custom-made furnishings serve multiple functions, allowing for optimal usage of the space. Each room showcases unique elements tailored specifically for the client.

Mastering Relaxation: A Tranquil Sleeping Area

The sleeping area provides a soft, relaxing atmosphere for complete unwinding. The master bedroom features an en-suite bathroom encased in a glass and stone volume, further enhancing the elegant design of the penthouse.

Photography by Vito Corvasce

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