Patras Cocoon Studio is a futuristic home located in Patras, Greece, designed by Arch-Interact.


Located in the arcade of a block of flats, in the older upper section of Patras called Ano Poli, near the Fortress, this small flat was redesigned as a multifunctional studio for students.

During the design process, we welcomed the disadvantages of the existing space and used them as a source of inspiration. Our main goal was to make use of the 30 square meters of the flat in a more constructive way, providing maximum functionality. We aimed for a capsule or vessel aesthetic while ensuring a light but elegant style. Every functional zone of the flat was stripped down to the bare essentials, i.e. a mattress marks the bedroom, a writing desk marks the study, a sofa marks the living room. A special bookcase structure unifies and accommodates all of the above. It is composed of different materials, such as wood and metal, as well as different textures, i.e. solid and perforated surfaces, thus creating a playful central piece in the living room. The kitchen, storage spaces, and bathroom are organized across the living room.

Another significant challenge for us was to design the only façade of the flat towards the street. This is the “skin” of the flat, the “limit” towards the sidewalk. We had to maintain a delicate balance between achieving a sense of privacy for the residents and assuring at the same time that they wouldn’t feel claustrophobic or on display. This new façade was designed as a composition of glass surfaces, fixed or openable. In the lower part, the surfaces are solid, in the middle part sand-blasted film has been used on the glass panes, while in the upper part the glass surfaces are transparent. This way the studio resident can enjoy different views of the outside world while maintaining the necessary privacy at all times.

Photography by Panagiotis Voumvakis

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