Parrot’s Nest is a hotel located in Sichuan, China, designed by Uro Design Concepts in 2022.

The whole building is themed around parrots, with the living room setting reaching a height of 5.4 meters (18 feet). This unique feature creates a small world where parents and children can learn to communicate and exchange with one another. The design team hopes that this parrot-themed apartment can be a dream world, where families can share their love.

About Parrot’s Nest

Revitalize Your Living Room with a Parrot-Themed Bed and Lodging

Bring a touch of the wild into your home with a parrot-themed bed and lodging set. At a height of 5.4m (17.72 ft), this unique living space creates a small world in which you and your family can play and communicate.

Fostering Communication and Exchange

Learning to communicate and exchange is an essential part of helping your children transition into society. Teach them how to express themselves, how to let others know what they are feeling without yelling, arguing or forcing their opinions on those around them. Parrots have long been a symbol of good words, and the design team hopes that the parrot-themed apartment and large shared living room provide parents and children with an opportunity to communicate in a dream-like jungle world, expressing their love for one another.

Photography by 404NF STUDIO

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