Discover the pinnacle of modern luxury in Tel Aviv’s Park Bavli apartment, designed by Alon Cohen in 2024. This interior design masterpiece harmonizes form and function, featuring refined elegance, clean lines, and a bespoke wine wall that elevates living to an art form. Perfect for those seeking an extraordinary home in Israel’s vibrant heart.

Modern living room with sleek furniture and neutral tones.
Modern living room with a beige sofa, coffee table, and city view through large
Modern living room with sleek furniture and vertical slat divider.
Modern living room with adjacent wine rack and person selecting a bottle.
Modern dining room with elegant chairs, wine rack, and curved light fixture.
Modern kitchen with sleek grey cabinetry and a white island.
Modern bathroom with marble walls, floating vanity, and minimalist design.
Modern bathroom with large window overlooking cityscape.

About Park Bavli

Modern Elegance in Tel Aviv

As you enter the Park Bavli apartment, Alon Cohen’s design greets you with a serene blend of modern luxury and functional aesthetics. Designed in 2024, this Tel Aviv gem embodies a living space where every detail is meticulously crafted for elegance and comfort. The living room, aglow with natural light, boasts plush seating and sleek surfaces. A two-tiered coffee table makes a bold statement, anchoring the room with its dark marble top against the warm wooden floor.

Culinary Sophistication

Progressing to the kitchen, the apartment’s luxury seamlessly transitions into a realm of culinary sophistication. Here, Alon Cohen’s vision unfolds in a palette of understated grays, with state-of-the-art appliances and a central island that invites both casual breakfasts and evening aperitifs. The kitchen’s clean design, punctuated by a minimalist approach, features smart storage solutions that blend effortlessly into the background.

A Toast to Refined Tastes

Adjacent to the kitchen lies the dining area, defined by an impressive bespoke wine wall. This feature, a connoisseur’s dream, not only provides a functional storage solution but also serves as a conversational masterpiece. Overhead, an organic light fixture echoes the curves of fine glassware, while the dining chairs’ texture adds a tactile dimension to the experience.

Tranquil Retreat

The journey within the apartment culminates in the bathroom, a tranquil retreat that reflects the skyline of Tel Aviv through its expansive window. Here, the use of light-colored marble and sleek fixtures encapsulates the apartment’s modern luxury ethos, offering a serene space to rejuvenate after a day in the bustling city.

This Park Bavli apartment, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, is more than just a living space. It’s a testament to Alon Cohen’s ability to meld modern luxury with the vibrant pulse of Israel’s most dynamic city.

Photography courtesy of Alon Cohen

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