Experience the charm of East Austin at the Paperboy Restaurant, where a delightful culinary journey meets architectural brilliance. Designed by Chioco Design in 2020, this unique eatery transforms its modest food truck origins into an elegant brick-and-mortar haven.

Its distinctive terracotta breezeblock and olive-tree-lined rooftop deck merge seamlessly with the local Texas vibe. Inside, the harmony of terrazzo, white oak, and hemlock wood creates an inviting ambiance, while large windows offer captivating views, marrying urban chic with a touch of nature.

About Paperboy Restaurant

Paperboy’s Unique Journey

The Paperboy Restaurant, nestled in East Austin, marks the spot where its owners first captivated diners with a food truck. Here, they served an incredible menu to outdoor picnic-table guests. This origin story inspired many design elements in Paperboy’s inaugural brick-and-mortar establishment.

Architectural Harmony

A screen of locally sourced terracotta breezeblock wraps around the building. It forms a permeable barrier around the ground-floor patio and morphs into the rooftop deck’s guardrail. Adding to the ambiance, a slim, cantilevered steel awning shelters the entrance and a nostalgic pass-through window. This feature nods to Paperboy’s food trailer past. Furthermore, the patio and rooftop deck come alive with herbs, native plants, and olive trees. These elements stand out against the backdrop of a slatted cedar trellis.

Interior Design and Ambiance

Inside, diners enjoy visual access to the kitchen and bar across a sleek terrazzo bartop. This bartop aligns with a custom white oak banquette that stretches through the dining room. Overhead, a hemlock wood ceiling spans the area, leading to a curved wall of terracotta tile. This wall embraces a cozy leather booth flanked by handmade white oak tables. At the room’s end, a large window frames views of the perforated steel stair and planting bed. These elements offer a layered glimpse of the bustling street outside.

Photography courtesy of Chioco Design

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