In the heart of Vicenza’s historic old town lies the Palazzo Arnaldi Piovene, a gem from the early Renaissance era. After undergoing meticulous restoration by the talented team at AMAA – Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development, this architectural marvel now showcases an artful blend of historic Venetian traditions with a contemporary twist.

About Palazzo Arnaldi Piovene

A Renaissance Reawakening: Palazzo Arnaldi Piovene

Nestled in Vicenza’s historic heart, Palazzo Arnaldi Piovene radiates early Renaissance charm. Impressively, AMAA breathed life into it, and at every corner, the allure of Margraf marble stands out.

Melding Tradition with Modernity

Having a clear vision, the client aimed to honor the Veneto building’s storied past. At the same time, they wanted to sprinkle in contemporary touches. As a result, materials like Margraf marble, wood, and brass were chosen. These elements not only respect tradition but also bring a fresh, modern twist.

Spotlight on Restoration

Starting with the entrance hall, the team tackled the challenge head-on. Firstly, they reduced weight from the cellar’s vault. Following this, the revived space now gleams with steel beams, glass panels, and elegant brass hints.

Turning to the staircase, a delightful discovery awaited. Ancient window spaces, once hidden, transformed into charming light niches. These now shimmer, adorned with backlit Onice Bianco slabs and brass frames. Moreover, as you ascend, sleek Margraf Calacatta marble steps paired with chic brass railings invite you upwards.

In the main reception hall, a spectacle unfolds. Here, approximately 80 m² (861 ft²) of Margraf Calacatta marble spans out, guiding you to rooms framed by towering Calacatta panels. And amidst this, a grand artisan-crafted, gold-leafed arched door beckons.

Marble’s Many Faces

Throughout the property, the versatility of Margraf marble shines:
* Firstly, Calacatta graces welcoming areas.
* Secondly, Port Laurent and Verde Alpi offer a refreshing touch to bathrooms.
* Onice Bianco, on the other hand, brightens staircase niches, especially around the sizable 100×180 cm (39×70 inches) slabs.
* Lastly, Rosso di Asiago adds a vibrant splash to door frames and a cozy kitchen fireplace.

In conclusion, with the unmatched allure of Margraf marble and top-tier design expertise, architects and designers turn to Margraf. They aim not only for world-class structures but also to craft unforgettable, signature spaces.

Photography by Francesca Balasso

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