Introducing the stunning Orla Apartment in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a contemporary masterpiece designed by Studio Arthur Casas! This luxurious apartment, redesigned in 2023, overlooks the iconic Ipanema beach, offering mesmerizing views of Rio’s picturesque landscape.

Tailor-made for a modern family, it features spacious living areas, private home office spaces, and an interior filled with Arthur Casas’ exclusive furniture designs. Experience the true essence of Ipanema living in this exquisite beachfront property.

About Orla Apartment

A Family-Friendly Apartment with Breathtaking Views in Ipanema

This Ipanema beachfront apartment in Rio de Janeiro was thoughtfully designed for a couple with two young children. The family desired a versatile space to accommodate their daughters’ growth and provide private areas for home office work.

Panoramic Sights of Rio de Janeiro and Ipanema Beach

One of the standout features of this project is the panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro’s landmarks and the Ipanema beach shoreline. From the dining area, you can catch a glimpse of Morro Dois Irmãos, while the home theater offers a view of Arpoador. The kitchen seamlessly integrates with the living and dining rooms, using the same materials to function as an extension of the social area.

Intimate Spaces and a Hidden Home Office

The private area consists of three suites: a toy room, the children’s room, and the master suite for the couple. The home office is cleverly concealed within the master bedroom, featuring a coplanar door that, when closed, resembles a panel.

Exposed Structure and Design Challenges

The original property’s structural rhythm allowed for the apartment’s structure to be left visible in the social area and kitchen, as part of the design. However, the biggest challenge was coordinating all complementary projects so that no slab area had to be reused. This involved concealing the air conditioning and speakers in drywall walls and arranging the lighting on overlapping tracks.

Neutral Aesthetics and Luxurious Materials

The apartment features a neutral aesthetic with high-quality materials. The social area’s floor consists of sintered stone sheets, while the walls are made from joinery panels. The private rooms boast engineered wood floors and off-white painted walls.

Curated Furniture by Arthur Casas and Other Iconic Designers

The interior design showcases furniture pieces by Arthur Casas, such as the Fusca sofa, Apache dining table, Max dining chairs, Jet Set armchair, Grampo lamp, and Belterra bedside table, as well as the Ondas and Willys sideboards. Complementing Casas’ creations are the Paulistana armchair and Anette armchair by Jorge Zalszupin, along with vintage side tables and Taccia table lamps by Castiglione for Flos.

Photography courtesy of Studio Arthur Casas

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