Experience a unique blend of modernity and eclecticism in the heart of Innsbruck, Austria with Omarama, a top-floor apartment remodel designed by NOA in 2022.

Reflecting twenty years of the client’s globetrotting adventures, this bright, sun-kissed abode artfully combines the traditional Alpine ambiance with elements of distant cultures. Black, white, and saffron hues grace the interior, while strategically placed artifacts infuse a sense of journey into the space, creating an exquisite design narrative against the backdrop of the imposing Alps.

About Omarama

A Journey’s Influence on Interior Design

Two decades of living, traveling, and exploring in Asia and Oceania transform an individual. This metamorphosis is the cornerstone of NOA’s recent project—an interior design marvel reflecting a world traveler’s narrative upon her return to Innsbruck.

The Transformation: A Traveler’s Home in the Heart of Innsbruck

NOA’s recent assignment involved transmuting an empty attic in downtown Innsbruck into a haven ready to embrace a globetrotter’s myriad experiences. The studio has previously demonstrated its prowess in blending Alpine aesthetics with elements of distant lands. The intriguing tale of a client’s twenty-year journey across England, Singapore, New Zealand, and other nations, coupled with a sun-soaked top-floor apartment set against the imposing Alps, formed the project’s foundation.

Personal Elements and the Art of Storytelling in Design

“Every design of ours unveils a story,” says NOA founder Lukas Rungger. “In this project, the client’s memories infused a personal touch. Art pieces and handcrafted items warranted a fitting backdrop.”

The Concept: A Sun-Drenched, Quadrangular Living Space

The design process began with the flat’s blueprint, a 135 m2 (around 1453 ft2) quadrangular area. A central block serves as a staircase to the rooftop terrace and a service hub. Capitalizing on the three-sided large windows and a potential U-shaped continuum of functions, NOA choreographed living areas aligning with the sun’s path.

The Aesthetics: A Blend of Minimalism and Cultural Infusion

The interior’s color scheme stands minimalistic, gravitating towards black, white, and a touch of saffron yellow. Simplicity pervades the furnishings, radiating an austere elegance reminiscent of Asian settings—clearly observable in the lamps and oak paneling.

Interior designer Niccolò Panzani explains, “We desired to incorporate dark tones, employing black quartzite, painted oak, and metal. Wooden slats darkened the walls, transforming the room into a subdued backdrop highlighting only the Alps and selected items.”

Fine Furniture and Exquisite Surfaces

Furniture includes B&B Italia’s Tufty-Time sofa and Living Divani’s black leather Era Chair. Baxter’s saffron nubuck leather Gemma chairs provide a pop of color, while Vipp’s Paper Pendant rice paper lamps and Aromas del Campo’s Hat lamps add intrigue. Antolini’s black ‘Noirblanc’ quartzite serves as the kitchen top, bar cabinet, and coffee table surface, contrasting with Favorita’s white ‘Montblanc’ quartzite used for the dining table. Botteganove’s Flora collection tiles, with large Polynesian palm leaves patterns, enhance the bathrooms.

A Home Transcending Borders

Three nón lá, the conical straw hats, a large Indian painting in the dining area, and a Myanmar warrior statue provide final touches, turning this Innsbruck flat into a home that looks beyond mountains and borders.

Photography by Alex Filz

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