Discover Oasis Urbaine, a stunningly restructured townhouse in the heart of Biarritz, France. Crafted in 2023 by the renowned Maentler Studio, this modern home showcases the epitome of design innovation.

Oasis Urbaine blends sleek modernity with the timeless elegance inherent to this historic French town. Experience a blend of luxury and comfort in a setting that’s as culturally rich as it is visually stunning.

Modern living room with minimalistic furniture and neutral tones.
Modern living room with beige sofa and wooden staircase.
Modern dining room with blue corner bench and white table set for a meal.
Modern kitchen with curved wooden cabinets and pink upper units.
Minimalist bedroom with white closet, wooden floor, and framed artwork.
Minimalist bedroom with a pink bedspread, overhead lamp, artwork, and wooden
Minimalist living space with a beige sofa and wooden shelves under a skylight
Modern bathroom with skylight, two vessel sinks, and pastel colors.
Minimalist bathroom with round mirror, white basin, and black fixtures.

About Oasis Urbaine

Welcome to ‘Oasis Urbaine,’ Maentler Studio’s latest creation, nestled in the serene town of Biarritz, France. Designed in 2023, this modern home effortlessly marries cutting-edge design with the tranquil spirit of the region. Join us on a visual journey through this architectural feat, where every detail echoes luxury, functionality, and a deep respect for the aesthetic.

The Heart of Modern Living

Stepping into the living room, the outside world fades away. The inviting space features a minimalist fireplace, casting a warm glow over the oak flooring. Neutral tones and natural light amplify the room’s serene atmosphere, while the tailored furniture by Maentler Studio adds both comfort and style. Every piece speaks to a design that values space and light, hallmarks of the modern aesthetic that defines Oasis Urbaine.

A Nod to French Elegance

Transitioning to the dining area, the narrative of simplicity and grace continues. The room encapsulates the modern spirit with a touch of traditional French elegance. Here, intimate family meals and vibrant gatherings come alive around a sleek table, surrounded by clean-lined shelving and understated decor. This is where design meets functionality, surrounded by the ambiance of Biarritz’s chic sensibilities.

Culinary Craftsmanship

The kitchen unfolds as a testament to modern craftsmanship. Curved cabinetry, in harmony with the house’s fluid design, encircles state-of-the-art appliances. There’s a rhythm to the layout, a dance of form and function, with every surface reflecting a meticulous attention to detail. It’s a space that beckons culinary exploration, set against the backdrop of a town celebrated for its gastronomy.

A Serene Slumber in Oasis Urbaine

The bedroom, a sanctuary of calm, invites restful slumber amidst the urban chic of Biarritz. With a palette inspired by the sandy shores, the room offers a plush bed complemented by crisp, clean lines and minimalist storage solutions. Functional elegance is evident in the built-in bedside features, all designed to enhance the tranquility of the space without sacrificing style or convenience.

Refresh and Revitalize

In the bathroom, clean modernity meets comfort. The skylight pours daylight over sleek fixtures and bold, yet tasteful, tiling. The floating vanity and contemporary basins provide a space that is not only utilitarian but also an enclave of modern luxury. Here, one can rejuvenate and prepare for the day ahead, surrounded by design elements that resonate with the house’s overall aesthetic of modern, seamless living.

In each room, Oasis Urbaine stands as a beacon of modern living. Through Maentler Studio’s vision, the essence of Biarritz is woven into every line and texture. From the warmth of the living room to the allure of the dining space and the ergonomic elegance of the kitchen, this house is not just a structure; it’s a sanctuary designed for the contemporary soul. The soft hues, the interplay of light and shadow, and the open, breathable spaces are a silent ode to the tranquil beaches and the vibrant culture of Biarritz.

Oasis Urbaine is more than a home; it’s a masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of its locale and the pinnacle of modern design.

Photography by Papi Aime Mamie

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