O2 Apartment is an inspiring home located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, designed in 2022 by AworkDesign.Studio.


Building not only a home with its lotusland atmosphere and comfort is also a childcare placement that can be unrestrained and outstretched. 

The family will become four members waiting for a new member to arrive. The 31 坪 (102.479 square meters) space has a four-bedroom configuration with multiple uses, such as childcare, a game room, and a room for elders. On the premise of not changing the layout, Combining the best multi-use space is necessary.

In the adjacent master bedroom and kid’s room, the wardrobe is used to separate the two rooms, increasing the space utilization rate. Ingenious reduce the dimension of the third and fourth bedrooms, and the released space is merged into the existing corridor, creating a “fifth room” study in the center of the house, using sliding doors to make each area have dual functions. It is an extension of the study, and it can also be a bedroom in a separate space.

In our design, abandoning the expected kitchen island, in order to make a living and dining area more at liberty and spacious, there are more open public areas for children to run and explore at will! A fully functional tea sideboard is set up beside the dining table, which is more convenient for picking out and storing types of small appliances.

The plain white wooden shutters allow light sheds naturally. While in the study, your sight can also extend to the lobby. The double-sided display cabinet separates the space, which is visually permeable and barrier-free.

Photography courtesy of AworkDesign.Studio

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