In the heart of Mexico, a land renowned for its rich culture and vibrant landscapes, Zistema .MX unveils the Nook House: a three-story modern marvel.

Seamlessly blending neutral materiality with pure geometry, this house offers a harmonious escape from city life, using its captivating garden and distinctive design elements like a white clay facade. Covering nine by nine meters (roughly 29.5 by 29.5 feet), each of its three levels presents an eloquent mix of space, function, and a continuous relationship with nature.

About Nook House

Elegant Materiality & Pure Geometry

Nook House showcases neutral materiality combined with pure geometry. Encircled by a garden with an irregular perimeter, it bridges the gap between domestic serenity and city bustle.

A Welcoming Exterior

An independent main access graces the exterior. Its curved wall beckons and embraces visitors. As they step inside, a Japanese guava tree comes into view, majestically framed by a white clay facade.

Optimized Space Allocation

The central block occupies a square measuring nine by nine meters (approximately 29.5 by 29.5 feet). This square extends upwards to form a three-tiered cube. Each tier divides into three modules. The first tier accommodates primary functions, the second contains auxiliary spaces, and the third houses service areas, ensuring optimal orientation for frequently utilized spaces.

The Home’s Functional Heart

Visitors first enter a mudroom, a foyer marking the home’s threshold. This north-facing module also encloses stairs and a half-bath. It acts as a shield against external noise and weather. Adjacent to it lies the living and dining area. Meanwhile, the third module presents an open-concept kitchen and dining space facing west, offering both expansiveness and utility.

First Level: Coexistence and Relaxation

The first level reveals a family room, extending to a terrace. This open space taps into the garden’s ambiance. So, relaxation isn’t just about TV time; it fosters diverse activities throughout the day. Additionally, the secondary module introduces a bedroom, and the service module encompasses the laundry room, a full bath, and a staircase, leading to the next living layer.

Second Level: Private Havens

The second tier houses two bedrooms. One boasts a walk-in closet, terrace, and south-facing windows, maximizing warmth. The counterpart in the secondary module mirrors these features. The service module, however, provides two baths—one mirroring the one below, and another featuring a bathtub reserved for the master suite.

A Dance of Light and Views

Throughout the home, vistas shift directionally. This design ensures a perpetual bond between interiors and exteriors. Thanks to these nuanced shifts in perspective and illumination, Nook House crafts a dynamic experience, deeply rooted in nature.

Photography by Alan Isaac García

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