Discover Nero House in Esher, United Kingdom, designed by Fletcher Crane Architects in 2021. This house blends bold contemporary design with natural elements, featuring a distinctive black brick structure. Inside, find raw palettes contrasted with delicate metalwork and curving walls, alongside amenities like en-suite bedrooms and a natural swimming pool, embracing modernist influences.

Modern two-story house with dark wood facade and glass balconies surrounded by greenery
Contemporary room with dark wood walls, designer furniture, and elegant decor.
Modern kitchen interior with island and bar stools.
Modern kitchen with dark wood cabinets and bar stools.
Minimalist bathroom with freestanding tub and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Contemporary brick home with expansive glass doors and chic interior design.
Contemporary brick home with large windows and a pool.
Modern two-story brick building with large windows and balcony.
Contemporary open garage with a brick house facade in the background.

About Nero House

Introducing Nero House: A Bold Statement in Contemporary Living

Tucked away down a picturesque, tree-lined driveway in Esher, United Kingdom, Nero House makes a striking first impression. Designed by Fletcher Crane Architects and completed in 2021, this contemporary mansion seamlessly blends bold architectural forms with the natural environment. The house’s distinctive black brick façade, coupled with its charred timber cladding, creates an appearance of floating above the ground—a vision softened by meticulously chosen arboreal planting.

A Rhythmic Architectural Composition

Nero House is a testament to controlled architectural articulation, featuring a rhythmic and repetitive arrangement of volumes. These volumes not only articulate the structure’s exterior but also express the home’s internal plan. The design adopts a bold approach, evolving the prevalent typology within the area and reflecting a contemporary ethos. Curving walls internally define and shape spaces, offering a contrast to the raw material palette used throughout the dwelling.

Living Spaces that Connect with Nature

One of the home’s most captivating features is its direct connection to the surrounding nature, achieved through re-landscaped gardens and a natural swimming pool that extends from the main living area. This approach ensures that the architecture not only respects but enhances its natural setting, creating a serene and cohesive living environment.

Modern Amenities Meet Classic Elegance

Nero House offers a variety of modern amenities, including en-suite bedrooms and private balconies at the first floor, all benefiting from the thoughtful design and high-quality materials. Details such as delicate bronzed metal balustrading and perforated screens add a touch of elegance, contrasting with the more industrial elements of the design. Influences from nearby modernist homes weave into the fabric of Nero House, making it both a homage to and an evolution of its architectural context.

In conclusion, Nero House stands as a powerful embodiment of contemporary design, reflecting a harmony between architectural boldness and the subtleties of nature. Its unique aesthetics and thoughtful layout make it more than just a home—it’s a modern-day mansion that continues the legacy of distinguished architecture in Esher, United Kingdom.

Photography by Lorenzo Zandri
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