My Home, Andrea Benedetti‘s architectural vision in Pompiano, Italy, artfully transforms a traditional Lombard barn and farmhouse into a contemporary abode. Completed in 2022, this innovative project seamlessly blends historical charm with modern design.

The renovation features an open-plan living space, cozy bedrooms, and retains original elements like wooden beams and terracotta tiles. Benedetti’s masterful use of light and advanced materials such as gres porcelain redefines the property, contributing to the cultural and urban revitalization of Pompiano’s historic center.

About My Home

Transforming Tradition: A Modern Makeover

Andrea Benedetti recently took on a unique challenge in Pompiano, Italy. He transformed a Lombard barn and farmhouse, keeping their historical charm intact. Benedetti believes in revitalizing old spaces, not just building new ones. His project “My Home” brings together restoration and modern living.

Blending the Old with the New

The newly designed living area was once a rural space. The former main house now serves as bedrooms and bathrooms. Benedetti kept the original wooden beams and terracotta tiles, adding a modern touch with new, sleek materials. The minimalist style, with its light walls, makes the rooms brighter, especially the living area with its large windows.

Creative Use of Materials and Green Living

Benedetti chose gres porcelain for flooring, walls, and even furniture. He reused the beams’ colors and textures in the dining table and bathroom roof. The renovation also focuses on being energy-efficient, using solar energy where possible.


This private residence in the province of Brescia is a stunning example of how to change an agricultural space into a residential one. The extensive renovation linked separate buildings into a single home. It keeps the rural feel with original wooden features. The modern Florim porcelain coverings add a touch of the present to the past.

Florim’s Sensi collection, in various shades of grey, covers the floors, stairs, and bathrooms. It creates a seamless and elegant look throughout the house. This thoughtful use of materials makes the home feel open and connected.

The Heritage Luxe collection in Emerald stands out in the kitchen, matching beautifully with the original wood. The bedroom and bathroom use the Rock Salt collection in Celtic grey for a calm, natural look.


“My House” is more than just a building project; it’s about revitalizing a community in Brescia. The site, originally a family home with a barn, farmhouse, and bakery, started transforming in 2018. The bakery became Benedetti’s architecture studio. Later, the farmhouse turned into a charming secret garden.

By the end of 2022, the main buildings were renovated. The barn is now a living space, and the main house is for sleeping. The outside area, once plain concrete, is now a lovely garden. This project isn’t just about restoring a building; it’s about bringing new life to the whole area.

Photography courtesy of Andrea Benedetti

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