Discover the charm of Muskoka Cottage, a historic gem turned contemporary haven. Reigo & Bauer, known for their delicate yet bold redesigns, have transformed this nearly two-century-old lakeside retreat into a modern masterpiece.

While embracing the cottage’s original structure and Western red cedar interior, they’ve infused it with modern elements and pops of color, marrying the family’s love for Pop Art with the timeless appeal of Muskoka’s rustic elegance.

About Muskoka Cottage

Muskoka Cottage’s Charming Evolution

Set amidst the idyllic lake landscape of Ontario, just a two-hour drive north of Toronto, the nearly two-century-old Muskoka Cottage offers a harmonious blend of history and scenery. Moreover, as a property that’s seen gradual transformations, it has matured into an inviting summer sanctuary.

Harmonizing History with Modern Flair

When Reigo & Bauer took on the project, their challenge was to preserve the 6,700-square-foot (622 square meters) home’s historical allure. Simultaneously, they needed to infuse the spaces with modern character reflective of the family’s taste. Consequently, they executed a renovation that respected the cottage’s origins while introducing contemporary elements, balancing old charm with new vibrancy.

A Fusion of Past and Present

Adopting a minimalist approach, the design team infused the cottage with subtle contemporary updates. For instance, upon entering, a striking white storage unit and a vibrant blue bench signal a departure from the past. Likewise, in the kitchen, sleek cabinetry and stainless steel present a stark yet pleasing contrast to the rustic paneling. Furthermore, in the bathrooms, vanities suspended in front of cedar walls resemble modern art pieces, seamlessly integrating function with design.

Elsewhere, the furniture not only serves its purpose but also injects life into each room, ensuring that each space exudes warmth and character.

An Airy Retreat with Lakeside Entertainment

The back veranda, refreshed with a new coat of white paint, now stands out as a luminous, open area that embraces the serene water views. It cleverly divides into zones for adults and children, delineated by striking blue rugs and furnished for comfort and durability. Additionally, the lakefront becomes a hub of entertainment, boasting bespoke units designed to withstand the elements, ensuring functionality and fun irrespective of the season.

Through and through, Reigo & Bauer’s thoughtful renovation fosters a sense of continuity between the Muskoka Cottage’s storied past and its dynamic present, creating spaces that celebrate tradition while welcoming the new.

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