The Moscow Apartment is a small nautical-themed home in the Russian capital, designed by Tatiana Kazantseva.


The customers were inspired by the nautical theme project and requested to create a similar interior design. Key to the nautical theme project was the harmonious color flow of azure, sandy beige and blue from the seaside right into the apartment through its panoramic windows. It was agreed to take a cue from it but to make the color preference match the local geography. This design lends itself to the shades of a summer meadow which is a common sight in Central Russia. Its color palette includes the light greens of young leaves and involves a green carpet-like tile composition and the ripe wheat shade of the wood.

The painting “Observer” by Danila Achipenko above the sofa might remind of a summer lightning above vast fields of the motherland.

The homeowners are a married couple with an adolescent daughter. They have a tight working schedule and are active travellers. To suit their needs it was necessary to provide two isolated bedrooms and sufficient storage space, particularly for travel souvenirs.

Photography by Evgenii Kulibaba

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