Welcome to Montagnola, a modern and colorful apartment located in Rome, Italy. Designed in 2021 by Studio Archifacturing, Montagnola was crafted for a young couple with a wish to remember Colombia, the homeowner’s native country.

The apartment has been completely renovated with special attention to the staircase that connects the apartment to the private terrace with an incredible view of Rome. The terrace is equipped with a kitchen area, dining area and a sofa area, perfect for enjoying outdoor cinema. Many of the furnishings, such as the glazed systems, bench and cabinets were designed by Studio Archifacturing, contributing to give a strong identity to this delightful and colorful apartment.

About Montagnola

A Young Couple’s Wish to Remember Colombia

This young couple wanted to make their home a place of remembrance for their native Colombia. Every detail was carefully thought out and implemented during the complete interior and exterior renovation. Significant attention was given to the connecting staircase, which leads up to the private terrace. The entrance is adorned with a Jungle wallpaper, immediately transporting you to the lush vegetation of South America, with the master bedroom tucked away within.

A Sculptural Staircase in the Center of the Living Room

The centerpiece of the living room is the “sculptural” staircase, which leads to the terrace. From up here, the views of Rome are simply stunning. The terrace also houses a kitchen area, a dining area, and a sofa area, where outdoor movies can be enjoyed during summer nights, with a projection system installed for your convenience.

Adding a Touch of Identity with Furnishings

To give a strong identity to the apartment, Studio Archifacturing designed additional furnishings such as the glazed systems in the guest bathroom, a bench, and cabinets with straw from Vienna in the living room. All these elements, along with the Jungle wallpaper, come together to make this delightful and colorful apartment a place to remember.

Photography by Stefano Corso and Rina Ciapolillo

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