Welcome to Modern Nostalgia, an emblem of luxury design in Even Yehuda, Israel. Under the innovative vision of renowned interior designer Adi Aronov, a once old and dilapidated residence has been transformed into a stunning modern masterpiece, ingeniously blending the charm of its past with the elegance of contemporary architecture.

This home’s journey mirrors its owners’ life, returning from abroad to find their heart’s desire in their initial humble abode. Retaining original elements like the façade and a symbolic concrete pillar, this 170 sqm (1,830 sq ft) expansion showcases a fusion of nostalgia and modernity in its design language, while offering a luxurious lifestyle against a backdrop of lush landscapes.

About Modern Nostalgia

The Remarkable Transformation of an Age-Old Family Home

Our story unfolds in an antiquated dwelling in Even Yehuda, the very place where the couple launched their life journey. Over time, they grew from two to a bustling family of five, their children now ages 16, 18, and 20. A career opportunity led the family overseas, but ultimately, their hearts drew them back to Israel. It was here that they unearthed their dream home — surprisingly, the same aged, derelict house they once inhabited. Together with interior designer Adi Aronov, they bestowed a new lease of life upon this once humble, uninviting abode.

A Collaborative Renovation: The Power of Architectural Knowledge and Creativity

Aronov emphasizes the cosmopolitan flair of the homeowners and their architectural savvy. “The renovation journey was punctuated with fascinating dialogue on material choices, design aesthetics, and critical decisions,” she reveals.

Preserving the Old while Embracing the New

The owners insisted on maintaining the original façade — a visible homage to their past while revolutionizing the rest of the property. The resulting transformation was nothing short of spectacular: a formerly undefined dwelling metamorphosed into a sleek, luxurious abode set against a verdant backdrop.

Integrating Past and Present: Design Elements that Tell a Story

The preservation of the original façade and a standalone concrete pillar from the old structure serves as a daily echo of their history. Aronov points out that the intent wasn’t to eschew the old character but rather to modernize it. The pillar, positioned between the living and dining spaces, encapsulates a touch of nostalgia, signifying the juncture between old and new.

Space Expansion: Breathing Life into Every Corner

The redesign added roughly 170 sqm (1,829 sqft), introducing a new living room, an extended children’s area, a more spacious parents’ suite with a cozy balcony, and a practical utility room.

An Exterior Upgrade: Merging Nature with Luxury

The outdoor area also received a substantial makeover, under the skilled hand of landscape designer Shai Yaffe. Notable additions include a generous 40 sqm (430 sqft) swimming pool, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, a seating area, a gazebo, and strolling paths in the expansive garden. A plethora of large windows blur the boundary between inside and outside, integrating the natural and the built.

Respecting the Past: The Challenge and Charm of Renovation

“Dismantling and reconstructing would have been simpler,” admits the designer. “However, the clients’ desire to conserve the old structure and relish its sentimental charm demanded ingenious solutions and structural enhancements.”

Interior Aesthetics: Melding the Modern with Memories

Most rooms were furnished anew, reflecting the updated design language. The dining area remained unchanged, respecting the couple’s wishes. Despite retaining the original façade, the new extension meshes flawlessly, thanks to a uniform color scheme, a grand steel door, and floating concrete steps.

Artistic Touches: Celebrating Local Talent and Personal History

A mounted television subtly conceals the air conditioning unit, and an imported Douglas fir wood kitchen island harks back to the family’s time overseas. Also, an artwork by DEDE, an internationally recognized Israeli artist, now graces a specially designed freestanding wall, offering a glimpse of the lush garden beyond.

Personal Spaces: Bringing Tranquility and Style to the Children’s and Master Suite

The children’s quarters, a half-floor up, showcase modern, minimalist design and oak parquet flooring. Ascend another half floor to find the master suite, complete with a sizable balcony, book-storage closets, and a decadent freestanding bathtub in the en-suite bathroom.

Photography by Oded Smadar

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