Mirador House is an inspiring industrial house located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, designed in 2021 by KS Arquitetos.


The concept of Mirador House arises from the idea of a house that floats at the level of the top of the surrounding trees. The two main volumes, as well as the catwalk that connects them, fly over the lot creating large covered patios. The original topography of the land has been preserved to the full and the house barely touches the ground.

Under the residence, there is a rough concrete ramp path that smoothly changes direction. Surrounded by greenery, it overcomes the difference in a level of more than 100 feet between the sidewalk and the end of the batch. This route leads first to the atrium, a large space under the social area which unveils an incredible view, and from there it is possible to access the house or continue the descent passing through the music studio in exposed concrete and then through the trees towards the direction of a secret beach on a strip of sand and rocks to touch the Guaíba.

The large openings of the residence are like frames for the landscape allowing to discover new angles and different views of the sky, from the skylights in the social area, the green, from the side windows of the internal pátio in the large area and the double-height glass next to the stairs, as well as the Guaíba, from the floor-to-ceiling window frames in the social area and the master suite.

When the windows overlooking the lake are open, all you can hear is the sound of silence only interrupted by the chirp of birds.

Mirador House is a combination of elements connected in harmony, the solidity, and precision of the metallic structure dialogue with the preserved surrounding nature and the immensity of the Guaíba.

The sunset at Mirador House is magical, going from a colorful sky to total darkness when all you can see are the lights on the other side of the lake.

Photography by Roberta Gewehr

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