Welcome to Miller Street House, a testament to contemporary design nestled in the heart of Canberra, Australia. This brainchild of SOS Architects is a visual treat, harmoniously nestled within the leafy charm of O’Connor.

Expert detailing meets precise construction, bringing to life a home that is as texturally appealing as it is diagrammatically straightforward. Set against Canberra’s vibrant streetscape, Miller Street House marks an appealingly modern addition to Australia’s architectural landscape.

About Miller Street House

An Architectural Gem in Canberra’s Heart

Nestled in O’Connor, a lush suburb of inner-city Canberra, a contemporary family home takes the spotlight. This remarkable creation, designed by the gifted team at Sense of Space Architects, significantly elevates the area’s streetscape.

Subtle Sophistication and Remarkable Detailing

Carefully executed architectural details shape the home’s simple, yet impactful, diagrammatic form. Consequently, the texture and quality of the materials earn their well-deserved chance to gleam. Precision and thoughtfulness in construction complement the design, crafting a home where beauty meets functionality.

Photography by Kasey Funnell

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