Experience the charm of Mediterranean Revival in Seattle, Washington! This residence was originally built in 1910 and remodeled by Bebb and Gould Architects for U.S. Senator Elijah Grammar in 1922.

Studio AM Architecture and Kelly Hohla Interiors have modernized this historic home while preserving its character through traditional design (with a touch of luxury).

From its iconic stucco façade to the spacious 858 m2 (9245 sq ft) floor plan, this property is sure to captivate all who visit it!

About Mediterranean Revival

Experience Mediterranean Revival in Seattle, Washington

Experience a unique piece of history at this elegant 1910 residence in Seattle, Washington. Originally built for U.S. Senator Elijah Grammar and remodeled by Bebb and Gould Architects in 1922, the home has been modernized with Studio AM Architecture and Kelly Hohla Interiors’ luxurious touch. Boasting an iconic stucco façade and 9245 sq ft (858 m2) floor plan filled with traditional design elements – from archways to handcrafted ironwork – this majestic property is full of character that can’t be found anywhere else!

Detailed Ceilings Add Sophistication to This Historic Home

The ceilings are adorned with intricate details such as coffered ceiling treatments, ornate medallions, detailed moldings, and plenty of natural light entering through large windows providing stunning views of Seattle’s skyline; adding an extra layer of sophistication to this remarkable piece of history.

Plenty Of Space For Larger Families or Entertaining Guests

This historic property provides plenty of space inside its two stories – four bedrooms plus a den as well as five bathrooms make it perfect for larger families or those who like entertaining guests often! Plus several outdoor living spaces including two terraces provide the perfect spot to relax after a long day or host special events under twinkling lights while enjoying breathtaking views all around you; truly one-of-a-kind experience!

Come Experience What Mediterranean Revival Looks Like Today

Come experience what Mediterranean Revival looks like today at this gorgeous Seattle residence!

Photography by Aaron Leitz

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