Unveiling the ME House in Asunción, Paraguay: a masterpiece by Equipo de Arquitectura that redefines living with natural materials. This two-story haven marries industrial chic with nature’s touch, featuring brick, concrete, and wood accents. Its design maximizes natural light, encourages cross ventilation, and embraces greenery, ensuring every corner breathes comfort and sustainability.

Modern house with open-plan living area, wooden slats, and concrete exterior.
Modern living room with brick wall, large windows, and indoor garden.
Contemporary living space with wooden ceilings and brick walls.
Contemporary living space with exposed concrete ceiling and glass walls overlooking a garden.
Modern open-concept living space with wooden furniture and concrete ceiling.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden accents and indoor garden.
Contemporary hallway with exposed brick walls and floating wooden staircase.
Contemporary hallway with brick walls, wooden staircase, and glass details.
Modern kitchen with wood paneling, concrete ceiling, and curved glass window.
Modern bedroom with brick walls, wooden slats window, and striped bedding.
Contemporary bedroom with brick wall and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Contemporary wall with vertical slat gate and brickwork detailing.
Contemporary brick house with a central tree and minimalist gate.

About ME House

Eco-Friendly Design in Asunción

Aiming to blend nature with architecture, this project brings to life a house rich in natural materials, vegetation, and abundant natural light. Occupying a typical lot of 12 x 30 meters (about 39 x 98 feet) in Asunción, it boasts spaciousness and breathability.

Natural Elements as Building Blocks

Brickwork takes center stage for vertical structures, crafted from semi-pressed brick for diverse configurations. Additionally, the front facade’s filter ensures privacy, promotes interior airflow, and guides climbing plants, making them a highlight of the home.

Concrete spans floors and ceilings, its polished surface delivering a seamless, high-quality finish. This choice unites the house’s spaces with an industrial elegance.

Wood: The Heart of Home Comfort

Wood adds warmth and versatility to furniture, staircases, doors, and more. Its use in various forms, from beams to panels, fosters a welcoming ambiance. Remarkably, the stair beams repurpose wood from a demolished house. The upper floor’s ceiling features a double roof, creating a buffer zone that lessens solar heat, enhancing indoor comfort.

Innovative Thermal Comfort

The design cleverly incorporates features like a double roof, louvers, and a ceramic filter to minimize solar heat and promote air flow. These elements work together as natural cooling systems, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Living in Harmony with Nature

The house’s design prioritizes space, subtly integrating the structure into its functional layout. It celebrates the honest use of materials, the seamless flow between indoors and outdoors, and the enriching presence of greenery. This approach enhances life within, evolving gracefully with time, light, and the seasons.

Photography courtesy of Equipo de Arquitectura

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