Cassandra Walker Design‘s Malvern House in Melbourne combines traditional heritage with modern luxury. This 2023-designed home gracefully transitions from its historical roots to a contemporary extension, featuring luxurious materials like marble and natural timbers. Each element, from custom handles to brass joinery, unites the old with the new in this unique Australian residence.

About Malvern House

Blending Heritage with Modernity at Malvern House

Malvern House expertly merges its heritage charm with a modern extension. The new addition complements the original structure while clearly showcasing its modernity. The designers carefully linked the old and new sections by weaving in traditional details, creating a unified space.

Crafting a Seamless Design Transition

They also skillfully integrated modern features into the heritage section, such as custom steel and marble handles on hall doors and brass joinery in the bathroom. Furthermore, a thoughtfully designed transition point in the hallway, marked by glazed doors, mirrors the scale of the custom rear doors.

Emphasizing Timeless Elegance with Luxurious Materials

The team chose a luxurious material palette for its timeless quality. They particularly focused on warm, natural materials like timber and marble. Each marble slab stands as a unique piece of art, with the oversized Carrara marble on the rear bench wall offering both functionality and visual splendor.

Photography by Tom Blachford

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