Discover MaE, a modern architectural marvel in Montreal, Canada, masterfully designed by Alexandre Bernier Architecte in 2022. This exquisite house stands as a beacon of contemporary design, embodying elegance and innovation.

MaE reflects the vibrant spirit of Montreal, blending cutting-edge architecture with comfortable, sophisticated living. This home not only captures the essence of modern aesthetics but also seamlessly integrates with the dynamic urban landscape of one of Canada’s most beloved cities.

About MaE

Residence MaE: A Modern Urban Oasis

In Montréal, Canada, Residence MaE stands as a minimalist home, designed by Alexandre Bernier Architecte. This space isn’t just for socializing; it also offers peaceful moments for introspection and relaxation, a welcome break from urban life’s pace. Inside, the design reveals space gradually, with interconnected views and perspectives, countering the usual open-space monotony.

The entrance, leading through a narrow hallway, subtly transitions from public to private spaces, guiding visitors towards the living area. Here, the living room, designed for flexibility, takes central focus. Adjacent to it, the kitchen, free from overhead cabinets for a spacious ambiance, is neatly tucked away. Furthermore, a nearby storage space keeps the kitchen organized. The dining area, nestled in a cozy alcove and bathed in soft light, overlooks the living room. Additionally, a skylight-illuminated staircase guides residents to the upper floor.

Natural Light and Greenery Indoors

Upstairs, a light-filled den, adorned with plants, emulates a winter garden, offering tranquility during colder months. Moreover, this indoor garden seamlessly extends to a private terrace, overlooking the backyard.

Harmonizing Old and New Materials

The renovation highlights the house’s original textures—concrete blocks, brick, wooden beams—contrasting them with smooth drywall. The exterior, interacting with the street, was thoughtfully refurbished. For instance, the original bright orange glazed brick was restored, and wooden balcony overhangs were rebuilt. Local craftsmen also revitalized the slate and metal cornices, enhancing Residence MaE’s appeal to passersby.

Photography by Maxime Brouillet

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