Step into a world where modern luxury meets Mediterranean elegance at the Luxury Villa in Sotogrande, Spain. Masterfully designed by Casas Inhaus in 2023, this single-story residence is a testament to contemporary design, featuring an innovative M-shaped layout and industrialized modular construction. The property, embraced by Rocío Sainz de Rozas’ captivating landscape design with its vine-dominated vegetation, presents a tranquil retreat. The villa, along with its delightful ‘pool house’, invites you into a space of seamless integration between spacious living areas, a high-end kitchen, and a private master suite.

This suite is an epitome of privacy and extravagance, complete with an outdoor shower, perfect for summertime indulgence.

Modern house with large windows overlooking a swimming pool and garden.
Modern living room with white sofas, colorful pillows, and glass sliding door.
Modern living room with abstract art, wooden furniture, and green lamps.
Modern kitchen interior with island and minimalist cabinets.
Modern dining room with open view to pool area.
Modern bedroom with twin beds, large window, and nature view.
Modern bedroom with large window overlooking a garden.
Modern interior hallway with sunlight casting shadows, including a sleek black console and large windows
Modern room with desk, chair, lamp, and view of the bathroom.
Modern bathroom with standalone tub, open shower, and view of private patio.
Elegant open patio with stylish outdoor furniture overlooking a pool and garden.
Modern home with a manicured lawn outside and a stylish, minimalist living room inside
Modern house with white walls, large windows, and green lawn.

About Luxury Villa in Sotogrande

Introducing the Oasis of Elegance

Embrace luxury in the heart of Sotogrande with this single-story villa, spanning 290 m² (3,122 sq ft). This residence, meticulously designed, stands as a testament to modern comfort and elegance. Notably, it features a “pool house” that elevates the property’s luxurious appeal.

Redefining Mediterranean Architecture

Casas Inhaus masterfully crafted this villa with an M-shaped layout. It showcases a contemporary design, incorporating industrialized modular construction. This approach beautifully reinterprets classic Mediterranean architecture, adding a modern twist.

A Sensorial Landscape Experience

Rocío Sainz de Rozas studio’s landscape design transforms the outdoor space. It spotlights the vines, making them the centerpiece of the lush greenery. This creates an immersive, sensory experience for all who visit.

Inside the Villa: A Blend of Comfort and Privacy

Upon entry, the living room and spacious kitchen welcome you. Both areas, distinct yet interconnected, lead to a breathtaking porch. Here, views of the garden and pool captivate the eye. The master suite, occupying a wing, offers unmatched privacy. It includes an office, dressing room, and a luxurious bathroom with a stunning bathtub. The suite’s private outdoor space, complete with an outdoor shower, is perfect for summer relaxation.

Moreover, the villa houses three double bedrooms, each boasting an en-suite bathroom. Adjacent to the kitchen lies a cozy single bedroom. The property also features a charming guest residence, fondly known as the “pool house”.

Photography by Casas inHAUS / Villa de lujo Sotogrande

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