Discover the Luna apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, a 2023 creation by Sence Architects, where tactile sensations meet visual delight. This unique apartment showcases a fusion of earthy textures and vibrant colors, echoing the charm of its Ukrainian setting.

Its interior, a symphony of clay-colored decorative plaster, hand-molded bas-reliefs, and natural wood, offers a serene retreat that captivates both the eyes and the touch. The design ingeniously blends smooth wood surfaces with rough walls, rooted in a color palette inspired by clay and sand, accented with Ukrainian-made furniture.

Luna is more than an apartment; it’s an immersive experience in harmony and contrast.

About Luna Apartment

Creating a Touch-Centered Atmosphere

Our aim was to create more than just visual beauty; we wanted to craft a space that engages your sense of touch. The design revolves around a rich mix of textures, highlighted by the use of clay-colored plaster. Hand-molded bas-reliefs, which adorn the living and bedroom walls, double as both art and tactile features. Complementing these are natural wood furniture pieces, offering a pleasant contrast to the rougher textures, and enhancing our natural connection.

Warm and Earthy Color Palette

We chose colors inspired by earth tones, like clay and sand. These, along with warm wood details, create a cozy atmosphere. The addition of vibrant colors from Ukrainian-made furniture and decor brings depth and liveliness to the space.

Introducing Dynamic Contrasts

To keep the design interesting, we added contrasting elements. Bold colors like terracotta and graphite break up the monotony, defining different areas in subtle ways. This approach ensures a balanced mix of colors, giving the Luna apartment a dynamic and lively feel.

Photography courtesy of Sence Architects

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