Lucia Smart is a glass and steel space unit designed in 2019 by Pirinen & Salo, located in Inari, Finland.


Lucia Smart is a glass and steel space unit designed for Finnish glass construction company Savon Lasituote Oy. It can be used as an accommodation or workspace with amazing views of its surroundings and to the sky. The unit is delivered ready to use to the plot where it is installed on foundations built according to the manufacturer’s instructions and connected to infrastructure.

The mirror-like all-glass exterior is interrupted only by black seams of the sg-glazing system and by the black steel ribbon of the floor. The extensive amount of mirroring glass surface on the exterior blends the unit powerfully to its surroundings.

The most important element in the interior is naturally the surrounding landscape and the sky. The triangular shape of the steel structures is oriented according to the optimal viewpoint inside the unit to allow the maximal view to the exterior with minimum obstruction. The uniform use of surface color and material on the interior surfaces elevates the surrounding landscape as its counterpart. The lighting is integrated into the triangular steel beam structure. It uses glass surfaces as a reflective surface and allows the space very interesting multidimensionality.

Photography by Marc Goodwin / Archmospheres

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